Payment tokenization for Financial Institutions and Retailers

Innovation in digital payments

Payment tokenization for Financial Institutions and Retailers

Card tokenization is the key to the future of digital payments, enabling more secure, simpler and quicker transactions. Explore our solutions for Issuers, Acquirers and Merchants.

Payment tokenization for Financial Institutions and Retailers

​​Tokenization is the future of payments and HST has solutions to get you there

HST provides a platform that is developed and tested with all integrations of the card network brands, allowing you to mold your business strategy and align it with your brand roadmap.

Payment tokenization offers many benefits:

Digital First

Allows your customers to make contactless payments instantly, provisioning cards to issuer digital wallets and merchant platforms.

Continuous payments

In the event of loss, theft or expiration, card tokenization enables the dynamic update of credentials associated with the card in digital wallets and on merchant platforms.

Reduces risk of fraud

It decreases the risk of exposing sensitive information (PAN) and protects cardholders in the event of customer data breaches on merchant platforms.

PCI Compliance

Avoids the burden of handling sensitive information by "pushing" tokenized cards directly to token requesters (wallets and merchants) instead.

Payment tokenization solutions for Issuers:

White Label Digital Wallets

Simple management of users, cards and tokens in one complete payment platform for branded credit and debit cards and private label cards.

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Issuer Token Service Provider – I-TSP

Enables card issuers to authorize token requests from digital wallets and merchants.

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EMV Interoperable QR Code

QR Codes provide a simple, quick and accessible way to pay with enhanced security, and offer access to a broader consumer base.

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Issuer SDK

Allows cardholders to manage their own tokens in a practical and functional manner.

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Push Provisioning – Apple Pay and Android

Enables seamless card provisioning from the issuer's app directly to Apple Pay wallets and major Android wallets such as Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

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Consumer Controls

Control and management of digital cards for companies who provide corporate credit cards to their employees.

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Token Lifecycle Management

With independent token management; cardholders, issuers and merchants all benefit from automatic verification and updates of new card information.

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Payment tokenization solutions for Acquirers and Merchants:

EMV Interoperable QR Code

Payments can be made by scanning an interoperable EMV standard QR Code, ensuring tokenization security and eliminating the need for merchants to invest in costly POS terminals or NFC devices.

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E-commerce Server

Acquirers and Merchants can provision tokens, instead of using credit card numbers (PAN), to secure online transactions.

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Click to Pay

An application designed to provide a secure and convenient e-commerce payment experience similar to that of a physical environment.

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Tokenization is the future of digital payments

The digital transformation has revolutionized how companies interact with their customers, tokenization enables these interactions to occur securely and seamlessly.

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