Click to Pay

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Click to Pay

As online shopping continues to grow in Latin America, so does the need to make the online experience quicker, easier and more secure for everyone involved.

With high shopping cart abandonment rates and low approval rates, many transactions are lost and higher levels of fraud occur than in card present transactions.



Click to Pay

Click to Pay

An electronic payment experience comparable to a physical one in security & convenience

Click to Pay is the merchant application of the EMV Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) standard. It was developed to provide a payment experience for e-commerce or mobile commerce similar to the physical one using tokenization and 3D-Secure technology.

Click to Pay Single point of integration with Brand SRC systems in the SRC Initiator role
Click to Pay Integration with acquirers for checkout
Click to Pay Compatibility with mobile devices and web navigators
Click to Pay Single point of integration through API interfaces or web SDK
Click to Pay SaaS solution with PCI-DSS certification

Solution Benefits:

Frictionless transactions

Frictionless online shopping experience. Customers do not have to repeatedly input card, billing, and shipping information.


Simple, quick and secure mobile shopping.

Cost savings

It saves resources and costs, certification is not required for each brand.


Some customers that trust our expertise.

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