Issuer SDK

Solution for Issuers

Issuer SDK

Autonomy and convenience are essential factors for digital payments. The HST Issuer SDK is ideal for issuers wanting to give their customers the ability to manage their own tokens, allowing for centralized management of cards/tokens by cardholders.

Users can categorize expenses, create alerts and set card purchase goals for their own financial control.

Issuer SDK

Issuer SDK

Cardholders in control of token lifecycle management

The Issuer SDK can be easily integrated into the issuer's mobile app, allowing cardholders to manage token lifecycle for each card, including cancel, enable, deactivate and check payment history. The solution also allows the issuer and cardholder to monitor transactions for better fraud management.

Issuer SDK Support for iOS and Android
Issuer SDK Allows a global view where tokens can be pushed to
Issuer SDK Allows push provisioning cards & tokens to other wallets
Issuer SDK Allows the user to categorize purchases
Issuer SDK Allows the user to control and restrict expenses
Issuer SDK Allows digital cards to be deleted, suspended and reactivated
Issuer SDK

Consumer Controls: categorization, alerts and goals.

Consumer Controls API

Allows the customer to categorize purchases, set spending alerts, and estabilish financial goals linked to the card for better control of their personal finances.

Token Lifecycle Management

Management for Issuers


The solution enables issuers to efficiently manage tokens. In the face of fraud or account closures, quick action is facilitated, allowing for the suspension or deletion of tokens and ensuring secure and controlled transactions. With the Issuer SDK, issuers provide end-users with direct token management within the bank’s app, empowering users to control their own tokens.


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Issuer SDK

Solution Benefits:

Greater autonomy and convenience

Cardholders have more autonomy to manage their own cards.

Modular options

The solution offers the following modules: Push Provisioning, Consumer Controls and Token / Lifecycle Management.

Quick cancellation

Cardholders have more agility to cancel in the event of fraud.

More security

Decrease in fraud risk for issuers.

Reduced cost

Issuers have reduced operating costs for customer support.

Shorter response time

Enhanced response time since cardholder has control


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