Token Lifecycle Management

Solution for Issuers

Token Lifecycle Management

Token lifecycle management, in a digital wallet, is associated with a credit card number (PAN). A single card can have different tokens associated with it, and each token is unique and specific to a given sales channel. The management and status of each token of a given card is also independent.

Token Lifecycle Management

Token lifecycle for Issuers

Secure and manageable digital transactions

With token lifecycle control, cardholders and merchants benefit from automatically updating the information of a new card in case of expiration, loss or theft, generating more fluidity for financial transactions.

Token Lifecycle Management Token Lifecycle Management
Token Lifecycle Management Easy management in the event of expiration or loss
Token Lifecycle Management Automatic card update
Token Lifecycle Management Card associated with multiple tokens

Solution Benefits:

Individual Token Assessment

Evaluates individual risk associated with requesting a new token.

Increased shopping convenience

Promotes a seamless customer shopping experience.

Cost reduction to comply with brand mandates

Proper management of the token lifecycle ensures its integrity.


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