EMV Interoperable QR Code

Solution for Issuers, Acquirers and Merchants

EMV Interoperable QR Code

Interoperable QR Codes simplify the payment process by allowing consumers and merchants to conduct digital transactions regardless of the wallet or application they are using.

EMV Interoperable QR Code


Simple and interoperable payment solution for Issuers, Acquirers and Merchants

QR Code payments remove reliance on expensive and complex payment terminals, making it ideal for small businesses and micro merchants that are so prevalent throughout Latin America. QR Code payments democratize digital payments by making them accessible to millions of people who were previously excluded from doing so, the only requirement being a smartphone.

EMV Interoperable QR Code Uses tokens instead of PAN
EMV Interoperable QR Code Compliant with EMV QR Code specifications
EMV Interoperable QR Code Support for iOS and Android
EMV Interoperable QR Code Same security as NFC transactions *
EMV Interoperable QR Code Transactions processed as contactless card payment
EMV Interoperable QR Code

The EMV QR Code solution has two payment options

Merchant Presented:

The QR Code can be generated by the merchant to be presented to the customer’s application that will make the payment, and can be static or dynamic.

Customer Presented:

The customer generates a QR Code and presents it to the merchant to read and execute the payment

Solution Benefits:

Cost-effective solution

No major infrastructure is required for POS or NFC enabled smartphones for payments to be made.


Alternative payment method to cash or a card, only using smartphones (even more basic models).


More agility in payment and better customer shopping experience.


Increased security with low chance of fraudulent charges.

Increased sales

Generates new potential revenue by expanding the merchants customer base and increasing the number of transactions.


Interoperable QR Code has additional benefit of allowing payments independent of the wallet or application that you are using from domestic and international banks that adopt this technology.


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