Terminal Management

Self-service solutions

Terminal Management

Comprehensive self-service solution for terminal applications in general, including: ATMs, smart safes and other terminal models. Solution for stages involved in management, control and operations that is easily adapted to financial institutions’ needs.

Terminal Management

ATM Centre

Flexible self-service solution

HST’s ATM Centre platform manages and monitors the terminal park and supports a range of languages and currencies. The ATM Centre offers terminal monitoring functions, the sending of advertising materials, commands, and remote key exchange features, in addition to the management of monetary aspects, events and transactions occurring at each terminal.

Terminal Management Independence among hardware suppliers
Terminal Management Allows for the management of different types of devices
Terminal Management Allows for management of a range of entities, branches and terminals
Terminal Management Allows additional functions to be included
Terminal Management Compliant with PCI and EMVCo payment standards
Terminal Management On-site or cloud solution
Terminal Management

Self-service offering additional features for financial institutions

ATM Centre also offers innovative self-service options that allow financial institutions to expand their services to include bill payments, remittances, the purchase of event tickets, advertising, biometric integration, mobile payments, and more.

The ATM Centre is available with two different installation options

Full version

  • FullManager: Brings together monitoring, transactions, journal management features and self-service terminal applications.


Modular version

  • CoreManager: Designed for use in monitoring terminal health status and journal management. Remaining applications are carried out by third parties.
Terminal Management

Solution benefits

​​EJM – electronic journal monitoring

Monitoring of all events and transactions occurring at each ATM. Used to reconcile transactions, statistics, and customer service features.

ETMS – electronic terminal monitoring

Real-time monitoring of recorded events and occurrences at terminals, in addition to allowing terminal availability to be calculated.

RKL – remote key loading

Manages and distributes keys used to encrypt of sensitive terminal data according to the specifications defined by card brands and PCI PIN.

Media Manager

Creation and management of campaigns and promotions displayed on ATM screens for subsequent distribution among local, regional or national terminals.

Itrans Manager

Connects terminal networks, forwards transactions to authorization channels, reduces processing originating from other systems, and provides operations centres with monitoring panels.

EMV Kernel

Used in exchange of information between terminal applications and chip cards. EMVCo-certified.


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