Card issuance for financial institutions

Card issuance solutions

Card issuance for financial institutions

Whether you’re a payment institution looking to offer customers instant card issuing services or a financial services center looking for a centralized issuing solution, we are able to the right solution and the best available team to get you started.

Card issuance for financial institutions

Instant centrally issued cards

Payment institutions must ideally adopt a dual approach to card issuing: centrally-issued cards used with large product lots, supplemented with cards that are issued instantly at branches for new accounts or replacements.

There are many benefits to a balanced card issuing process

Digital First

Allows your customers to make contactless payments instantly, provisioning cards to issuer digital wallets and merchant platforms.

Continuous payments

In the event of loss, theft or expiration, card tokenization enables the dynamic update of credentials associated with the card in digital wallets and on merchant platforms.

Reduces risk of fraud

It decreases the risk of exposing sensitive information (PAN) and protects cardholders in the event of customer data breaches on merchant platforms.

PCI Compliance

Avoids the burden of handling sensitive information by "pushing" tokenized cards directly to token requesters (wallets and merchants) instead.

Card issuing and logistics solutions for card issuers

Instant Issuing

HST provides an instant EMV issuing solution that offers clients everything they need to immediately print and activate cards.

Centralized Card Issuing

Centrally issued cards are ideal for use with large product lots. Our solution, which is available in SaaS or On Premises models, is PCI and EMVco-compliant.

Card logistics

Card Logistics allows data related to the printing and distribution of cards to be centralized in a single platform as part of strategic decision-making processes.


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