E-commerce security

Innovation in digital payments

E-commerce security

Fraud prevention strategies in e-commerce work to prevent fraud and unauthorized charges, as well as provide a positive checkout experience and minimal friction among clients.

E-commerce security

Secure authentication for online transactions

We provide ecommerce security solutions as part of fraud prevention measures that help keep businesses, financial institutions, and customers safe from data theft when shopping online.

There are many benefits associated with E-commerce security:

Reduction in fraud risks

Reduces exposure of sensitive information and protects cardholders in the event that a data breach occurs.

Higher transaction approval rates

Retailers and card issuers are able to share 10 times more data, providing issuers with increased confidence in decision making, generating a higher authentication rate without the need for challenges

Increased consumer confidence

HST’s E-commerce security solution was developed as part of a continuous flow and seeks to eliminate interruptions and offer a more secure and dynamic payment process that increases consumer confidence

Tracking of key indicators

Controls cardholder authentication sessions, generating interoperability domain responses and storing authentication requests and associated results

E-commerce security solutions

EMV Transaction Processor

Authentic cryptograms for EMV transactions or the generation of EMV card scripts after issue

ACS-3D Secure

Manages cardholder authentication on behalf of card issuers and provided support for EMV 3D-Secure


Helps ensure accounts and personal data remain confidential by preventing unauthorized access and minimizing risks associated with fraudulent activities

Click to Pay

Provides an e-commerce or mobile payment experience that is similar to physical experiences through tokenization and 3D-Secure technology


Some customers that trust our expertise.

ACS 3D-Secure 2.0

The term “3D” refers to the three domains that interact during transactions: card issuers, retailers, and cardholders. The exchange of data between these three agents may increase authorization approval rates, reduce fraud, and provide cardholders with an improved shopping experience.

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Visa Ready Site Security

Visa Ready Site Security

Mastercard Cloud-Based Paym

Mastercard Cloud-Based Paym.

Mobile Payment Application Approval

Mobile Payment Application Approval

EMVCo Software-Based Mobile Paym.

EMVCo Software- Based Mobile Paym.

Mastercard MCBP CMS-D

Mastercard MCBP CMS-D

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