Transaction validation for card issuers

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Transaction validation for card issuers

In an increasingly dynamic world, the importance of recognizing valid transactions increases significantly with each click of the mouse. The prevalent challenge within the industry is building trust through technology without burdening clients during the card authentication process.

Transaction validation for card issuers

Secure transaction validations

Card authentication ensures that every transaction is legitimate, protecting both consumers and businesses from potential threats and allowing them to carry out transactions with peace of mind in knowing that cards are legitimate and personal and financial information is protected.

There are many benefits offered by Transaction Validations

Reduction in fraud risks

Helps prevent fraud by verifying the identity of users before providing system access or completing transactions.

Data integrity

Ensures that transmitted data and information are protected against unauthorized changes during transfers, thereby maintaining the integrity of users' personal and financial information.

Regulatory Compliance

Secure authentication ensures that companies are able to comply with security regulations and avoid legally established penalties.

Reduction in Financial Risks

Reduces financial risks associated with fraudulent transactions by minimizing potential for monetary loss.

Transaction validation for card issuers

EMV Transaction Processor

EMV Transaction Processor is a solution for card issuers requiring that cryptograms be authenticated or scripts generated for their EMV card, offering chip data authentication and improving fraud prevention processes, in addition to verifying security data such as CVV and PVV.

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Solution features


Allows card issuers to authenticate EMV cryptograms and generate scripts for EMV cards

Fraud management

Operates together with authorization processes, fraud management systems or payment keys.

Dynamic updates

Offers support for dynamic updates to chip cards after issue.

PIN Management

Complete PIN management support - changes in PIN and card activation.

Provides support for multiple verification profiles

Flexibility in supporting multiple verification profiles in order to detect and minimize fraud.

Data archiving

Large data archiving facility used in offline investigations that is fully compliant with PCI DSS standards.

Forwarding of card scripts

Scripts may be sent remotely by updating the card’s chip, changing PINs, activating cards, generating or validating CVVs, among other processes…


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