Push Provisioning

Solution for Issuers

Push Provisioning

The Push Provisioning solution enables issuers to manage digital cards with a single integration point to connect to token requestors.

Whether the card is digitized in your digital wallet, third-party wallet, wearable devices, e-commerce or streamings, with Push Provisioning technology, checkout is always convenient, quick and secure.

Push Provisioning

Push Provisioning

Control and management of token distribution

Issuers can control and manage where tokens are distributed, including allowing users control and convenient access over how, where and who they pay. This allows for secure and convenient checkouts anywhere and in any way you decide to pay.

Push Provisioning Single integration point to interface with token requesters
Push Provisioning Tokens can be provided from: a mobile wallet, mobile banking app and online mobile banking
Push Provisioning Tokens can be provisioned to: a mobile wallet, wearable devices and merchants
Push Provisioning Full control and management of where the tokens are provisioned
Push Provisioning Reduces token association issue in case of card exchange or cancellation
Push Provisioning In app provisioning for Google Pay (Android) and Apple Pay (iOS)
Push Provisioning

In-app push provisioning for Apple and Android Pay – for Issuers

Enables provisioning of a card for Apple Pay and Google Pay through push provisioning, on a device. The solution is compatible with Visa and Mastercard.

The tokenization flow is fast and with minimal friction for users, reducing the complexity of the encryption process for the issuer.

    • – Cards are provisioned directly to Apple Pay and Google / Samsung Pay with just one click;
    • – It is not necessary to enter data manually to verify identity;
    • – Provides the option to add cards to Apple Pay and Google / Samsung Pay, and to wearables, for the bank application.

Solution Benefits:

Immediate card usage

Cardholders can use their card immediately without having to wait for it to arrive in the mail

Ease of registration

Cardholders can register their card with favorite merchants and wallets without having to enter all data manually.

Extension of Access

Cardholders can extend access to a digital card to a designated person so they can shop online or through a mobile wallet without the need for a physical card.

Preference control

Gets preferred card status for select token requestors.


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