OTP – One Time Passcode

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OTP - One Time Passcode

The need for unique passwords has become a fundamental factor in ensuring secure authentication across a range of activities, from e-commerce transactions to banking and online records. HST’s OTP solution helps maintain the confidentiality of accounts and personal data, preventing unauthorized access and minimizing the risks associated with fraudulent activities.

OTP – One Time Passcode

OTP - One Time Passcode

Transaction and data protection

Unique and dynamic passwords, such as those provided through two-factor authentication, are proven to be more secure and effective alternatives, significantly reducing the likelihood of unauthorized access.

OTP – One Time Passcode Online banking application
OTP – One Time Passcode Call centre authentication
OTP – One Time Passcode Used to modify online records
OTP – One Time Passcode E-commerce and Mobile Authentications

Solution benefits

Impacts on trust among customers

Efficient authentication processes have a positive impact on the level of trust among consumers and offers an increasingly fluid validation processes.

Efficient token validation

Unlike existing methods such as static passwords and electronic tokens, HST’s OTP solution offers increases in efficiency through means of token validation.

Secure authentication across a range of activities

Allows different authentication formats to be used, including e-commerce, banking, and records.

Increased security

Provides support for data security and reduces fraud-related risks.


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