Instant card issuance

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Instant card issuance

HST offers a solution that allows EMV cards to be issued instantly. This solution may be cloud-based or locally installed within the card issuer’s infrastructure. We have developed an instant card issuance solution that offers clients everything they need to print cards at points of contact with customers.

Instant card issuance

Instant card issuance

Agility and convenience: customers receive cards immediately, without having to wait

Instant card issuance provides customers with an agile and convenient experience. HST’s instant card issuing solution can be used to receive a credit, debit or prepaid card, significantly reducing wait times and bureaucracy involved in using the card

Instant card issuance Cards are definitively delivered at the time of purchase
Instant card issuance Allows PINs to be set before card is issued
Instant card issuance Offers customized card options
Instant card issuance Decreases level of fraud, loss, and card distribution costs
Instant card issuance Card may be immediately activated and used on the market
Instant card issuance

Other solutions

EMV Card App

Made available to card issuers interested in migrating from Private Label credit cards to EMV standard Smart Cards. Support for loyalty programs, digital wallet apps, in-store cards, and closed loop transactions.


EMV Transaction Processor

The EMV Transaction Processor improves fraud prevention and verifies security data, including CVV and PVV, through cryptogram authentication and the generation of EMV card scripts.



Connects chip card to terminal application, which is either an ATM or POS device. EMV Kernel may be operated in ATMs, branches, pinpads, kiosks, or other interfaces.

Solution benefits

Reliable and experienced partner

Our solution is used to issue 1 million cards each month. These cards are either delivered to branches or directly to points of sale.

Security & Compliance

Our solutions offer a high level of security and are aligned with payment industry standards, adhering to PCI and EMV regulations.

Flexibility and a range of available options

We offer a range of implementation options and business models for institutions of all sizes.


Some customers that trust our expertise.

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