EMV Transaction Processor

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EMV Transaction Processor

The EMV Transaction Processor is designed to help authenticate transaction cryptograms or generate EMV card scripts that support dynamic risk management processes after initial card issue and implementation. 

This application operates together with an authorization or fraud management system or switch. Chip data is received through any channel connected to the card issuer.

EMV Transaction Processor

EMV Transaction Processor

Chip data authentication and optimization of fraud prevention processes

In an increasingly digital world, the importance of recognizing valid transactions increases significantly with each click of the mouse. The prevalent challenge within the industry is building trust through technology without burdening clients during the card authentication process.

EMV Transaction Processor Chip data authentication
EMV Transaction Processor Optimization of fraud prevention processes
EMV Transaction Processor Verification of safety data such as CVV and PVV
EMV Transaction Processor Updating of card EMV parameters after issue

Solution benefits


Allows card issuers to authenticate EMV cryptograms and generate EMV card scripts.

Fraud management

Operates together with authorization processes, fraud management systems or payment switches

Dynamic updates

Offers support for dynamic updates to chip cards after issue.

PIN Management

Complete PIN management support - changes in PIN and card activation

Supports multiple verification profiles

Flexibility in supporting multiple verification profiles in order to detect and minimize fraud.

Data archiving

Large data archiving facility used in offline investigations that is fully compliant with PCI DSS standards.


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