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Card Logistics

Card Logistics is a solution that allows card issuers to centralize all data related to card printing and distribution under a single platform. By bringing this data together in one place, each process stage may be monitored, from production to delivery. Strategic decisions can also be made by evaluating supplier quality and performance in order to offer increasingly efficient services.

Card Logistics

Card Logistics

Centralize all card issuance data and logistics

The processes and logistics involved in credit card production are complex and involve a range of different stages and participants. A lack of standardized information and tracking leaves room for errors and miscommunications.

Card Logistics Provides accurate delivery information in a timely manner
Card Logistics Controls and manages card production processes
Card Logistics Tracks all stage from card production to delivery
Card Logistics Provides relevant data used to implement improvements, as well as in decision making processes

Solution benefits

Centralizes data

Information originating from different agents within the card issuing ecosystem can be viewed using a single platform.

Strategic decisions

Assess supplier quality and performance in order to offer cardholders increasingly efficient services.

Real-time information

Allows accurate information to be shared in real time

Visibility throughout logistics processes

Monitor all stages of the production process: cards’ current location, expected preparation date and date cards delivered to customers, which carrier will provide freight.


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