ACS 3D Secure

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ACS 3D Secure

Designed to reduce fraud, HST’s ACS solution manages cardholder authentication for card issuers during e-commerce purchases, offering benefits that extend far beyond secure digital transactions.

ACS 3D Secure

ACS 3D Secure

Increase transaction approval rates and eliminate fraud through smart authentication

Today's payments ecosystem requires more robust and efficient cardholder authentication protocols, processes that help provide a better digital experience while reducing cases of fraud and friction. HST’s ACS 3D Secure solution is able to meet such needs.

ACS 3D Secure Session Controls for Cardholder Authentication
ACS 3D Secure Storage of authentication requests and associated results
ACS 3D Secure Generates interoperability domain responses
ACS 3D Secure Integration with Mastercard Risk-Based Authentication (RBA) for EMV 3D-Secure 2.0
ACS 3D Secure Compatibility with EMV 3DS 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 protocols
ACS 3D Secure

Increased security and higher rate of approved transactions

Key advantages that ACS – 3D Secure offers retailers and consumers:



Reduces number of abandoned carts
Frictionless checkout



Improved user experience/checkout
Simplified authentication
Increased confidence with each transaction

Solution benefits

Higher transaction approval rates

Retailers and card issuers are able to share 10 times more data, generating a higher authentication rate without the need for challenges.

Increased consumer confidence

HST’s ACS 3D Secure solution eliminates interruptions and redirects through means of a continuous checkout flow, providing a more secure and dynamic payment process.

Reduction in chargebacks

By offering a higher level of security in operations and, as a result, increased profits, ACS 3D Secure reduces the risks of chargebacks and costs related to fraud during purchases in which credit cards are not physically used.

Indicator tracking dashboards

Controls cardholder authentication sessions, generating interoperability domain responses and storing authentication requests and associated results.


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